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Sunandh Sivaraman

/ Calicut Commented on December 18, 2014

I am extremely happy with the care and service provided by the hospital and the cleanliness in the hospital is very well maintained.

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/ Calicut Commented on December 18, 2014

We are thankful to the staff and doctors of this hospital, the treatment given is excellent especially all the nursing staff.

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V.V. Muhammad Ali

/ Calicut Commented on April 02, 2015


I don't like being down with illness (but then, who does?), I don't like taking medicines nor do I like hospital visits or hospital slays even if it is a five star facility.

Then why did I look forward to going to Wellness One Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centre every day over the past 20 days?

And why do I miss going there now that the treatment is over?

Wellness One is a world class physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre - impeccably clean with aesthetically done interiors.

The diagnosis cabins, the treatment rooms etc. are very pleasing. The soft piped music helps calm the mind.

The therapists are highly qualified and well experienced. They patiently explain to you what your problems are and how they are going to fix them through a regimen of exercise - no medicines, no pain balms, no supplements.

The dedication of the staff is indeed praiseworthy. From the time you enter the facility till you leave, you are never left unattended Even when you use a lift somebody accompanies you.

All this made me so ebullient and I found myself unusually talkative there.

And I particularly enjoyed the tasty coffee served after the hydrotherapy sessions.

The hydrotherapy involves running on a treadmill with water filled up to your chest The water takes away the impact on your joints while running. And the water is made to flow in the opposite direction which helps further strengthen patient's leg muscles. (My physiotherapist friend in Canada says that their centre does not have a hydrotherapy machine. And we have it in our small town, Calicut!)

I have advanced osteoarthritis (stage 4 on a scale of 0 to A) and I was advised total knee replacement. After 20 days of treatment, the pain in my knee has almost completely gone.

I have no words to thank Mr Nikesh, my physiotherapist - a man with a matter-of-fact attitude, Ms Shadja his junior - this young woman's knowledge in her subject was quite impressive -Ms Shruti the receptionist who accompanied me in the lift despite my protests. Ms Anoopa who served my coffee with a smile and Ms Suja, the helpful cleaning woman, and above all the management which made such a state of the art facility available in my home town.

Thank you. Wellness One. And wish you all the very best.


(V.V. Muhammad Ali)

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A Najeeb

/ Mattancherry Commented on June 09, 2015

I had come to WellnessOne for my treatment from Mattancherry, Kochi, on the reference of my friend. While coming here I was unable to do anything due to the extreme pain on my legs. For 3 and half years I was suffering from this pain and had tried Ayurveda, Allopathy, Homeopathy etc. but with no relief. The medicine less treatment offered in WellnessOne attracted me. After 10 days of treatment with guidance from the WellnessOne specialists I got great relief from my pain.

I express my sincere gratitude to the experts in the Ortho Department especially Sri. Nigesh Sir and the entire staff of WellnessOne for making me better.

As it becomes difficult for patients coming from far-off places to stay long durations for treatment I also request you to make provision for In- Patient facilities at WellnessOne.

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/ Vatakara Commented on June 09, 2015

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the excellent care I received at your clinic. I want to compliment and thank all your staff and employees, in particular Dr. Mini, for her excellent support. She went to great lengths to help me recover. I had previously undergone treatment for the same at a very reputed hospital in Kozhikode and was thoroughly disappointed to say the least. But now I have fully recovered, all credit goes to WellnessOne - I was thoroughly impressed by the ambience at the hospital. The punctuality, discipline, cleanliness followed at the clinic was exemplary.

However as you plan to expand, I would like to make a few suggestions:

a) Increase the parking space
b) Provide better facilities for bystanders, who accompany the patient.

Overall your clinic is doing an excellent job. I wish you all the very best in future.

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V. Soopy

/ Commented on June 09, 2015

When I had come to WellnessOne from Kuttiady, I was not in a position to walk independently. I had disc dislocation and pain on leg from hips to my feet. I was not able to get up or do other activities as well.

After 30 days of Traction and Hydrotherapy I could stand up and do things on my own without help from bystander. I praise the Lord for making me well.

A search for medicine less treatment had brought me to WellnessOne and I am very much satisfied with the care and service I got from here. I express my deep gratitude to the Ortho Specialist Mr. Nigesh and all the other staff in the Ortho Department.

I would like to bring to the notice of the Management, the difficulties in not having an In-patient department for the convenience of patients coming from distant places.

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P. Ayappadas

/ Palakkad Commented on July 22, 2015

It was when I felt weakness in my leg after a bike accident that I had come to WellnessOne for Physiotherapy treatment. WellnessOne offers the best treatments available in India. The most modern treatments and a group of specialist doctors make WellnessOne a centre for medical excellence affordable to the common man and this makes it a cut above the rest. After coming here I could find that all the members of WellnessOne are one single family dedicated to service of the patients. I am very thankful to Nikesh, Nalin & Shadia -my therapists who had helped to heal my leg. Through the latest method of Hydrotherapy and other ortho exercises they could bring my leg back to normal. For this I am extremely grateful to WellnessOne and its members.


Irshal KP

/ Commented on November 06, 2015

I am very satisfied with the treatment I received from WellnessOne. I was diagnosed with Sciliosis on my back muscles. Within 6 – 7 sessions I was almost cured. Now I have to continue the exercises the doctor had suggested for completing the cure.

I was referred by Dr. Iyad to do the physiotherapy at WellnessOne and was well cared for by Ms. Vijayta, Ms. Shadiya & Ms. Vandana. All the staff at wellnessOne are very polite, helpful, caring and efficient especially Ms. Anupa, the assistant who is very energetic and enthusiastic.

The equipment and environment is very clean and tidy. I will definitely recommend WellnessOne to my friends and relatives


Sijil CS

/ Thennipalam Commented on November 06, 2015

My name is Sijil and I am from the Calicut University. I came to WellnessOne for my stammering problem. I had gone for treatment to many speech therapists before coming here. Those treatments were restricted to conversations with the therapist inside the four walls of the consulting room. But here at WellnessOne, it was an entirely different experience. I faced a lot of difficulty in situational speech and here Ms. Swathy Elamon has given me lots of variety techniques in the sessions and also she took me outside the therapy room and provided me the opportunity to talk with other staff and people in the institution which I had never experienced before. By these situational exposures with her presence I felt lots of confidence and improvement which helped me to overcome the problems. Ms. Swathy had given me lots of confidence and mental support and it impressed me highly. She is also well versed with many techniques like situational tactics and strategies which help the patients highly. I also thank Ms. Noora who had given me lots of support & motivation in my therapy sessions. I also thank all the staff at WellnessOne for their gracious hospitality.


Muralidharan KT

/ KTC, Calicut Commented on November 06, 2015

My name is Muralidharan KT and I am working in KTC, Kozhikode. I had Foot drop syndrome on my right leg and was unable to walk normally. I was asked to try Physiotherapy after I had gone for treatment to different hospitals and was not getting relief.

I came to WellnessOne which was personally known to me and treatments were begun under the guidance of Ms. Meritta. Within one week my pain was reduced and I could walk normally.

The extensive experience, in depth knowledge of physiotherapy techniques and gentle ways of Ms. Meritta plays an important role in patients getting rid of their pain as well as enhancing the reputation of WellnessOne. All other staff and technicians at WellnessOne has been extremely supportive and also contributes to the excellence of WellnessOne.

I express my gratitude to WellnessOne which has cured me and above all am extremely thankful to Ms. Meritta and other staff for their compassionate care.

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AM Ashraf

/ Alappuzha Commented on November 07, 2015

Dear friends,

When you are celebrating your one year of excellence in service I deeply regret that I cannot celebrate with you due to personal reasons. I had come to your institution on a wheel chair following an operation which left me paralysed on my left side. After two months I left WellnessOne walking to my car. I take this occasion to congratulate your management and staff for working with a team spirit towards the success of the organization. You were all very friendly and caring to me. On this special day my family joins me in wishing you all success. I pray to God Almighty for the growth & development of WellnessOne into an institution of world class standards in the healthcare sector.

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/ Elathoor Commented on November 07, 2015

I am Sadanandan, a Government Contractor from Elathoor. When WellnessOne is celebrating its first anniversary I extend my heartfelt greetings and wishes as a person who has reached a pain less state as a result of the treatment done there.

For many years I was experiencing extreme back pain and over the years it had spread to my legs as well. I could not sit, walk or do anything without someone’s help. I had gone to many Neuro specialists, Ortho specialists and Ayurveda doctors for treatment but could get no relief. I was advised that surgery was the only option and also that it need not be a success even if surgery was done.

It was at this time that I heard of WellnessOne and came to Mr. Nikesh for my treatment. Under his guidance treatment was done and within 3 days the pain reduced remarkably. After 2 weeks I was completely cured due to the sincere efforts of Mr. Nikesh, Ms. Vandana & Ms. Navitha and I extend my heartfelt thanks to them.

I appreciate the friendly approach of the reception staff and the graceful support of all the other staff of WellnessOne. I wish the management and staff that in future they may be able to establish many more such institutions which are helpful to many patients to alleviate their sufferings.

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Sabeer Sameer Poovallur

/ Malappuram Commented on January 13, 2016

I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation for the excellent care my parents received at your clinic. When my mother had come to WellnessOne from Malappuram, she was not in a position to walk comfortably. For many years she was experiencing extreme back pain and over the years it had spread to her arms also. And my father was suffering from severe pain due to the muscle weakening.

Both of them had gone to many Neuro Specialists, Ortho Specialists and Ayurveda doctors for treatment but could get no relief. It was at this time I heard of WellnessOne from my niece and come to Mr. Nikesh and Ms. Vijayeta for their treatment. Under their guidance treatment was done and within 9 – 10 days my mother’s back pain reduced remarkably and my father could walk with less effort.

After 2 – 3 weeks, they were completely cured due to the sincere efforts of Mr. Nikesh, Ms. Vijayeta, Ms. Vandana & Ms. Navitha. I on behalf of my parents extend my heartfelt thanks to them.

I appreciate the friendly approach of the reception staff and the graceful support of all the other staff of WellnessOne. The equipment and environment is very clean and tidy. I will definitely recommend WellnessOne to my friends & relatives.

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Anupama PV

/ Commented on February 09, 2016

Dear Swathee and all the staff of wellnessone,

I came to Wellness One in December 2016 for my then 2.5yr old daughter who had a speech delay. Though the paediatrician had recommended that she doesn´t require speech therapy but i desperately felt she needed help and thats when we happen to come to wellness one and meet Speech Pathologist Swathee. She started of with her speech therapy for like three days in a week and within two months we could find dramatic improvement in her language and understanding of the world around her. I take this moment to thank her speech therapist Swathee for understanding her strength and using it to develop her expressive and receptive language. She also gave certain tips which i used at home to develop her communication skills and i still use them. Swathee, Thank you so much for your efforts, patience and understanding which has assisted her to reach into her full potential. Morover, i take this opportunity to thank all other staff who were very cheerful and gave a warm greeting every time we attended the clinic. Now, my daughter is 3.5 yr old going to kinder and she is so happy, bubbly and doesn´t stop talking. I express my sincere gratitude for all they have done and has no hesitation in recommending Wellness to any parent who is looking for speech therapy.


Shigha T

/ Commented on February 18, 2016

I am shigha T. By profession I am CCO at Vinam solutions pvt Ltd. I have 2 months old boy  baby,  I would like to share some of my experience during pregnancy period . 

As normal pregnant women´s I also did the common things like walking and small house chores up to my 8 th month,  the regular exercise was completely missing from my lifestyle but during 8th month consultation doctor told me that my tummy muscles are loosen very badly,  I was totally worried, so doctor prescribed me to go for Physiotherapy. I met Physiotherapist Dr.  Shadiya she taught  me some body exercise and breathing exercises to do during labor.  I did exercise regularly and I could feel the changes in my body.  

During delivery time my husband helped me a lot reminding me  each and every minute to do breathing exercise as instructed by Dr. Shadiya,  I did the same and I delivered my baby before the expected time and I was able to control the delivery pain also. 

For every pregnant women I would like to recommend Physiotherapy for smooth and happy delivery.


Dr Archana K O

/ Malaparamba Commented on February 18, 2016

I am Dr.Archana,M.B.B.S doing post graduate medical course in Gynaecology,at government medical college,Alappuzha.Recently,I developed severe back pain along with pain,neuromuscular weakness and numbness of my left leg,due to severe nerve root compression following IVDP(disc prolapse).After medical treatment and bed rest, I was advised to undergo physiotherapy to treat my persistent complaints.As per the suggestions of eminent neurologists and orthopaedic surgeons, I decided to try physiotherapy from,Wellnessone physiotherapy centre,Calicut. I was lucky enough, to get efficient physiotherapy treatment by the expert physiotherapist,Mr Nikesh, assisted by Miss Vandana, at this centre.With regular physiotherapy,traction and exercises to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles,for three weeks,done by the top class professionals Mr Nikesh and Miss Vandana,I could regain my health.My complaints reduced considerably and I could walk freely with confidence,without limping.The fully dedicated and efficiently executed work of Mr Nikesh has to be definitely appreciated and I am very much thankful to him and Miss Vandana for their sincere efforts to help me regain my health and confidence.  

I strongly recommend,physiotherapy treatment from Wellnessone physiotherapy centre, in orthopaedic and neurology wings,for speedy recovery from various orthopaedic and neuromuscular disorders.

I wish,all the very best to Wellnessone physiotherapy centre.


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Sasidharan P

/ Consultant Audiologist & Clinical Specialist in Cochlear Implants, MESIARC ENT Hospitals Private Limited, East Hill Junction, West Hill Post, Calicut - 673005 Commented on September 19, 2016

I visited Wellness One Clinic in the first week of August 2016 with lot of hope. Physiotherapist Nikesh Nair, Meritta and their team did a wonderful job to get me back to active life. I had been suffering from severe back pain due to compression of the disc in the L3/L4 vertebra since January 2016. I tried medicine, yoga and various kinds of exercises. Nothing helped me. The pain was static in nature. I got used to it and had to move around with this pain. I could walk only for around 100 metres. I could stand only for around 10 minutes. Moreover, I used to get shooting pain from my back when I move around a lot. This problem was static in nature since January 2016. Gradually this affected my quality of life. I had to keep myself away from farming, which is one among my favourite passions. Dr. Nikesh was confident that he can get me back to active life quickly. My Physiotherapist asked me to perform lot of exercises to strengthen the muscles around my vertebra & the rationale behind this. My exercise pattern now is walking and stretching exercises. One month of Physiotherapy helped me to move forward towards my active life style. Since the problem was static for around 8 months, I honestly did not think it would ever be possible. I am happy and feel good now. Wellness One Clinic has got a great team of staff with excellent knowledge, care and professionalism. They made me feel comfortable and provided state of the art care.

I have no hesitation in recommending this Clinic for Physiotherapy treatment. I wish the management and staff all success and happiness.

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M P Rajappan

/ 2C, West Glendale, Sivapuri, Bank Road, Kozhikode-1 Commented on September 19, 2016

My impression about service rendered to me by Dr Asid of wellness centre

Dr Asid had been giving me practical lesons on various exercises required for an 85 year old man like me to lead a healthy life to the extend possible at this stage In the first place, he had helped me to develop a positive attitude.

Secondly, it has to be stated that he has given necessary instructions to do various exercises. Apart from that, he was able to explain the advantage of each exercise in detail. On the whole, the service rendered by him can be rated as "outstanding"

Finally, a word about the facility for doing the exercise in our house,rendered by your company. This is a boon for elders like us.

Wishing &wellness& well.

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